722498laundrycart Big push for trolleys  


Product Number: 722498  

Weatherdon Corporation is pushing one of its most underrated products
- the humble trolley.

"The office trolley is fast than a mail-clark, more powerful that a weightlifter and can leap tall shelves in a single bound" according to Weatherdon managing director Robert Weatherdon.

"The businesss work horse can round a corner without stopping, eliminate repetitive lifting and bending as well as minimising exertion which all leads to a simpler, safer and more efficient workplace" he said. 

Trolleys fit into today's ergonomic workplace incorporating good design, efficient use of space and best workplace health and practice.

"The handy can can transport the load instead of numerous trips that tire
out limbs and muscle", Weatherdon said.

"The handsome steel trolley does overtime as a back-room buddy or polishes up for gastronomic outings from the kitchen to the boardroom. Similarly, lanudnry and cleaning trolleys are strong yet lightweight and plastic is the new fantastic" he said.

"As real estate is ever more a premium, floor space is shrinking and
corridors are tighter still. Even in the older style businesses where space is more generous staff all seek out the most economic and ergonomic trolley." he added.

Weatherdon offer a range of trolleys: large enough for a corporate behmoth and small enough to fit around a warren of hallways and cubicles.




Time management
tool in three sizes



Product Number: 3025209
Product Number: 3030201
Product Number: 3030408
Product Number: 3035208

Perenially popular for their clear face, easy-to-read and neutral appearance, the Compass Clock collection from Weatherdon Corporation reflects today's sleek contemporary decor. 

Favoured in meeting rooms, staff and back offices there are three sizes to choose from 25cm, 30cm and 35cm. Colours are black, silver or an aluminium model which comes with a date function.

A combination of simplicity and quality with slim and well-defined hands to appeal to any clock watcher. Properties where time is of the essence, punctuality is important and time management valued will benefit from having and 'easy-on-the-eye' wall clock.



blackkettle Extended range
black matte kettle


Product Number: 740051  

The Weatherdon Corporation has extended its own brand range of office-friendly appliances with the launch of the Nero Matte Kettle.

"This fast boiling, cordless 1.7 litre kettle comes in any colour, as long as it is black", Weatherdon managing director Robert Weathredon said.

"The Nero Matte Kettle has a concealed element and works regardless of where it is placed on the base. A large water windo quickly shows whether it is tea for two or the whole team while the blue LED light takes the guesswork out of whether Polly put the kettle on", he said. 

The Nero Matte Kettle is just one of 15 durable kettles made with health and safety in mind by Weatherdon.

The range includes the easy-clean Nero Urban, or white Bambino, the stainless steel Bella with a safety locking push button lid, removable mesh filter and boil dry protection as well as the Express with its compact size and non-slip rubber handle. 

All Nero kettle meet Australian and New Zealand safety standards and have a 12-month warranty.




Stay tuned for breaking news



Product Number: 7434101  

Beethoven or Beyonce, breaking news or the time: the Nero SoundBox Bluetooth alarm-clock radio caters to the individual

The 22 mm ice-blue LED display digits feature four dimmer levels ranging from morning-bright tapering down to night-time mellow.

One-touch daylight-saving mode leaves nothing to chance, and for further peace of mind a battery backup keeps time settings. 

Also the alarm clears automatically to  guarantee never waking to an alarm set for the previous guest with a 6 am plane to catch.

Whether it’s the lastest news to start the day, or sweet music to serenade the sleeper, super high-tone speakers and a USB charging port come together to make sweet music.

+ FM radio
+ battery included
+ auxiliary input
+ instructions printed on the radio
+ size 140 L x 140 W x 70 H mm



edgec.jpg Weatherdon, a cut


Product Number: 50401/2/3/4  

Woe betide the workplace with cruddy cutlery or dirty dishclothes. If gastro doesn't scare - health and safety regulations will.

That's the message from Weatherdon & Company, which has experienced an increase demand for its expanded range of commercial cutlery.

For more than 20 years, Weatherdon clients could choose any cutlery package design as long as it was the Curve range. To misquote Henry Ford (who said "You can have any colour car as long as it is black") there was only ever one range of office cutlery on offer. 

After decades of strong and sold sales of the Curve range, Weatherdon tentatively trialled the upmarket Auberge knife, for,, soup and teaspoons, to answer the call for sophisticated dining options for office workers.

When that became the norm the company followed up with a nod to Scandi-dining's paired back minimalism with the Satin canteen. Now on a roll, Weatherdon recently launched the cutting-edge range, fittingly branded, Edge.

Weatherdon will also introduce the entry-level Arc settings at at later date.

"Cutlery is sold in individual packs, with teaspoons the perenial best sellers, selling more that 250,000 a year". according to Robert Weatherdon, managing director of Weatherdon & Company.

"Increasingly meals are being taken in workplace settings and this trend is on the rise" Weatherdon said.

"Canteens, institutions, care facilities, schools and office kitchens strongly focus on health and well-being and for many modern enterprises a well-stocked staff canteen is seen as a lure to attract and retain talent", he said.

"Unlimited breakfast, lunch and dinner on offer around the clock, subtly and strategically enccourages a culture of staying in the office. Why go out for coffee  and waste half an hour when there is a barista on the premises and all the team meet over breakfast", he said.




Weatherdon whiffs the new



Product Number: 350051
Product Number: 350078

Thanks to breakthrough innovation, Prozone ozone-generator kills over 99.5* per cent of air-borne bacteria and viruses. 

Lightening-fresh ozone can now be reproduced to kill air-borne and surface bacteria, neutralise bad smells and destroy viruses and pollen.  Ozone gas is a variant of oxygen, produced when lightening discharges energy into the air.

There is no reason for rooms to smell tennis-shoe musty or for guests to cop a whiff of that recalcitrant smoker and pet-friendly hotels can prevent damp-pooch syndrome.

The process of oxidation breaks down the structure of malodour molecules with which ozone comes into contact producing a mild fresh smell –  a whiff of the new.

The World Health Organisation recommended level for everyday fresh breathing air is 0.05 ppm* and the Prozone can be programmed based on this setting.  This level gets rid of most odours and is also the setting required for air sanitisation. 

Good news for asthmatics and hay-fever sufferers.

Any ozone not used reverts back to oxygen leaving no residue or chemicals.

Programmable settings to meet room sizes and can be set between 15 – 100 cubic metres, for either day, night or a 24 hour setting.

Prozone can be used in conjunction with convention air freshener systems and indeed very much improves their performance by enabling them to add fragrance to a neutral starting point.

Just as Jaguar has a ‘smell team’ to ensure the interior of its cars gives confidence to new car buyers, accommodation industry suppliers R. Weatherdon & Co sniffed and introduced the Prozone generator.  “Smell is critical to the accommodation  industry which is focused on catering to the senses.  Understanding that people unconsciously respond to odour and smell is a valuable marketing tool,” added Weatherdon’s Managing Director, Robert Weatherdon.

Consuming only 12 watts, with a visible LED light to show function, the cassette design allows for easy installation in either static or portable models.

  • Programmable settings
  • Ceramic generating plate
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Compact plastic case
  • Environmentally friendly